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Glossy Finish Melamine

Glossy Finish Melamine
19 mm medium-density fiberboard, body and four edges all one piece, coated with polylaminate.
Multitude of variations of both facades and edgings (see models).
Backing in 120 g white melamine.
(Choice of five different colors for backings).
Decorative laminate, 0.75 mm thick. High-pressure application on particleboard.
Total thickness 19.5 mm.
Rough-pressed lamination will have a slate stone appearance.
Decorative laminate, 1 mm thick. High-pressure application on 18 mm particleboards.
Finished total thickness 20 mm.
Available in 16 various colors, making it suitable for all projects: kitchen, bath, bedroom, closets, etc.
Decorative Formica laminate, 1.2 mm thick. Glossy finish, scratch resistant.
Applied to 18 mm particleboard, finished total thickness 20.4 mm.
Available in 12 colors.
Scratch resistant melamine laminate. Pressed on 19 mm boards, particle and fiber hybrids.
Available in 40 colors, including textured wood, silk, fabric, sega, etc.
An elegant and economic option.
Melamine-coated fiberboard. Face side coated in reflective glossy polyester finish.
Rough-textured melamine backing.